Aug 30, 2012

How can I obtain restricted HMCA Data?

Every data collection is examined by HMCA staff for confidentiality issues. Variables that pose a disclosure risk are restricted from general dissemination. Restricted variables are removed from the public-use datasets available on our Web site or are modified in a way that limits disclosure. For example, a variable that gives respondents' ages in single years may be recoded to five-year age groups and topcoded at 75 so that age 16 becomes age 15-19 and age 92 becomes 75+.

To obtain restricted variables in their original form, analysts must agree to the terms and conditions of a restricted data use agreement. These legally binding agreements place strict controls on who may access restricted data and how the data are used, stored, and conveyed.

If a data collection has any restricted data, that will be noted under "Access Notes" on its home page (e.g., To apply for the restricted data follow the link under "Access Notes."