Feb 7, 2007

How do I use the Sample Characteristics analysis tool?

To access the Sample Characteristics Tool for a given study, click the rightmost tab labeled "Sample Characteristics."

Screen Shot

This will display univariate marginal case counts for 3 or 4 variables in the file. The numbers in the tables represent the unweighted number of cases from whom data are collected. This table is useful when an analyst needs to assess whether a particular study is suitable for comparative analysis.

For more detailed tables of case counts, dynamic tables can be generated by using the drop down menus displayed just above the tables automatically displayed. Row and column variables can be specified from a dropdown list of demographic variables from the survey. Case counts and percentages displayed in the tables are unweighted.

Screen Shot

Both row and column variables can be chosen in the dropdown menus.

The display then provides row percentages and sample sizes for any combinations of the variables chosen in the row and column menus. Below is an example of a crosstabulation between race and father's education.

Screen Shot

Studies with multiple data files require the user to choose the part of the study of interest before sample characteristics are displayed.

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