Mar 18, 2008

How do I validate my MyData account? What does validation do exactly?

Access to ICPSR data used to be restricted to campus IP addresses (for ICPSR member institutions). In other words, most ICPSR data could only be downloaded from a campus computer. In July 2007, we revised our access system so that you validate your MyData account once every six months, and then you can download ICPSR data from anywhere. This change was made to enable access from home and while traveling.

How do you validate your MyData account? Just log on to the ICPSR site with your MyData account from any campus computer. It automatically validates your account. In fact, every time you log in from a campus computer, it re-validates your account for another six months.

If you're unable to validate your MyData account, it means one of the following:

  1. Your campus has not provided us with the IP range for your school's computers, or the ranges we have are out-of-date. Contact your school's official representative and ask him/her to provide us with the information.

  2. You're not on campus. Sorry, but you have to validate from on campus.

  3. Your school isn't part of the consortium.

If you can't validate the account yourself, for whatever reason, please contact your school's official representative (OR) and ask him/her to assist you. You can also contact ICPSR's User Support (, but we will need to contact your OR to verify that you're at the school.