Aug 22, 2008

What is a persistent URL?

A persistent URL is one that never changes. Persistent URLs are designed so that your bookmarks and links don't break when a Web site gets updated.

On the ICPSR Web site, our study descriptions now have persistent URLs. If you want to bookmark a study page or link to it from your Web site, you should bookmark/link the persistent URL. In most browsers, you can do this by right-clicking on the link. In the menu that appears, there will be an option to add it to your bookmarks.

Aug 8, 2008

Can I have a Trial ICPSR Membership?

ICPSR does not offer a trial membership for its members-only data and related resources. However, ICPSR hosts a number of archives and projects where the datasets and accompanying resources are publicly available, and technically, access to these resources mimics access to ICPSR's members-only general archive.

To experience ICPSR functionality, an individual must first establish a MyData account. Creating a MyData account enables the individual to download data and/or access online analysis (where available) held within the publicly available collections. Individuals who would like to learn more about creating an account can view the online tutorial titled "Creating and Using a MyData Account" located in on our YouTube channel.