Oct 22, 2008

Why should I attend the ICPSR Summer Program?

The ICPSR Summer Program in Quantitative Methods of Social Research offers excellent opportunities for training in:

  • Research design
  • Data analysis
  • Statistical methods
  • Data management

Our curriculum ranges from lectures that introduce basic skills to advanced workshops covering new methodologies and cutting-edge techniques. The ICPSR Summer Program is reasonably priced, and fees are even lower if you are affiliated with an ICPSR member institution.

Course work in the Summer Program is grounded in a "hands-on" orientation and participants are encouraged to interact on a regular basis with instructors. Our faculty are not only accomplished social scientists, but are also dedicated teachers who make course material accessible and relevant to students.

The Summer Program provides a stimulating, diverse, and enjoyable environment for learning. In recent years, Program participants have come from about 24 different nations, and they have represented about 24 different academic disciplines. Along with classes and lectures, there are many social functions that provide opportunities for professional networking and making new friends. Summer Program participants not only work hard and learn a great deal-- they also have a lot of fun!

To learn more about what we offer, please consult the ICPSR Summer Program site.