Feb 1, 2007

I'm using SPSS on a Mac. I can't read ASCII data files using the SPSS setup file I downloaded. What do I do?

SPSS for Macintosh, Version 6.1.1 and earlier versions, do not recognize UNIX linefeed characters. Macintosh users must change these characters manually before reading the file into SPSS. We suggest using a text editor, such as BBEdit, to read the data file, and then saving it as a Macintosh file. This will replace the UNIX linefeeds with Macintosh carriage returns that SPSS for the Macintosh can understand. BBEdit is available from the Bare Bones Software Web site. BBEdit and most other text editors are unable to read very large files, depending on the amount of memory available. For larger files, we suggest using text conversion software, such as TextToMac, that may be less memory-intensive. You can download texttomac1.2.hqx from the University of Michigan archive.