May 26, 2009

The Search Results page indicates that my search is "sorted by relevance." What does that mean?

Our search engine enables you to sort search results in several ways:

  • Relevance: The search engine determines how closely a page matches your search terms. The most relevant studies will appear at the top of the list of search results. Sorting by relevance is not available for some searches.

  • Released/Updated (newest) and Released/Updated (oldest): For studies, this date refers to the date on which ICPSR last updated the data, or began distributing the data, whichever is most recent.

  • Title A-Z and Title Z-A: Searches are sometimes sorted by title, when all items are equally relevant and the date isn't especially useful.

  • Time Period (newest) and Time Period (oldest): This refers to the date the study covers, and the sort looks at the last year in the time period (when the time period is a range or groups of ranges).

  • Most Cited in the ICPSR Bib.: This is the count of citations that ICPSR has found that relate to the study.

  • Most Downloaded: This is an indication of unique downloads over the last 90 days.