Jun 26, 2009

How does ICPSR manage versioning?

  • What triggers a new edition or version of a study?

    • A change in any of the data and/or documentation files.

    • The addition of withdrawal of data and/or documentation files.

  • How and where is such a change to a study documented?

    In the metadata record:

    • Version field (in version notation "ICPSRXXXXX-v3")

    • Version history field (collect.changes, which provides a text description of what has changed, and a datestamp)

    • Citation display includes the version statement

  • What happens to unchanged files (if changes don't apply to all files)?

    ICPSR does not currently version at the individual file level - our version statement references the collection as a whole. If only one file of a multiple file collection changes, the collection version changes.

  • Are previous editions/versions kept?

    Yes, through a back-up system and a searchable 'browse archive' feature available to authorized staff.

  • Are these made available to users?

    Upon request only, previous versions can be made available to users.

  • Clarification on terminology, do we use 'edition', 'version', or other terms?

    • ICPSR uses 'version' exclusively. (Historically, ICPSR used three different terms: edition, version, and release, but these have all been rolled into the single term "version" and the notation "ICPSRXXXXX-v3").

    • What do we mean by "version" : A form or variant of the original ICPSR-archived data collection.