Mar 19, 2011

How do I obtain a data collection from NACJD?

Most NACJD data collections can be freely downloaded from our web site. Information about how to download data and documentation can be found in the Help section of this web site or users can contact NACJD staff for assistance at

Selected NACJD data collections cannot be downloaded from our web site due to the sensitive nature of the data. If you are only given the option to download the documentation but no data for a particular collection, then you should read the Restrictions field in the study description for more information about how to obtain the data. In order to ensure respondent confidentiality, certain sensitive data collections are available only through a restricted access archive. While these data are still available free of charge, users must specifically request these collections from the archive. More information about this process and the necessary Data Transfer Agreement Form can be found in our Restricted Access Data Archive as well as in the Restrictions field in the study description.

Mar 18, 2011

Why is the text so small on your Web site?

The default font size varies from browser to browser. We design our sites so that the user can control the font size. By doing this, we guarantee that users with low vision can access our content.

See "How to Increase the Font Size on My Browser" for assistance resizing the text in your preferred browser.

How can I archive crime or criminal justice data that I have collected?

If you are an NIJ grantee, please see Depositing Data Sponsored by the National Institute of Justice. All other researchers who would like to contribute data to the archive can submit their materials through ICPSR's data deposit procedures and the data will then be forwarded to the criminal justice archive. For more information, see our Deposit Data page.

Does ICPSR accept qualitative data?

Yes. Please contact ICPSR prior to submitting qualitative data at