Oct 27, 2011

Why is the video so wide?

The original videos are just over 1300 pixels wide. Although we can shrink them within the Web browser, that makes it difficult to perceive the details necessary for observational coding. (Facial expression and such.) If you're attempting to code the videos, you probably want to adjust your screen resolution and maximize your browser window.

How do I code my own dataset?

This site doesn't feature specialized software for creating your own dataset. In all likelihood, your best bet is to adjust your browser window to fill the top half of your screen and use Microsoft Excel in the lower half of your window to record your codes.

...more to come...

How were the microphones positioned?

In the video, you can see a black/silver pole interrupting the view. Atop that pole was a microphone that captured the students input. In addition, the teachers wore a microphone. You can switch between these audio tracks using the video player.

Why does the video appear to be distorted?

The distortion is the result of rendering all sides of the room into one long image, a segmented panorama.

Although the distortion is unusual at first glance, this view enables you to see the entire classroom without having to adjust the camera angle, which is very useful for observational coding.

Can I get access to higher-quality versions of the videos?

Unfortunately, the video you see on the site is the highest quality version of the video. After video processing (and compression), the original videos were destroyed.

Oct 13, 2011

Whom do I contact if I have questions about the NSPY restricted files?

If you had additional questions about obtaining the restricted data, contact ICPSR. If you have questions about analyzing National Survey of Parents and Youth (NSPY), 1998-2004 -- Restricted Use Files, please feel free to contact the investigators directly.

E-mail: NSPYHelp@westat.com
Internet: www.NSPYCENTER.com

Telephone: Toll Free: 888-262-5575
Local: 301-738-3539

Mail: NSPY Center
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Rockville, MD 20850
Attn: Victoria Castleman