Dec 9, 2012

Important note about using the RECODE or COMPUTE online analysis features for TEDS-A, Concatenated 1992-2009

This FAQ applies to data users who are creating new variables using the RECODE or COMPUTE functions in the SAMHDA online analysis system (SDA). Due to the large number of cases involved in the TEDS-A Concatenated dataset, it takes the system up to 30 minutes for SDA to complete a RECODE or COMPUTE command. Therefore, it is recommended that users wait for approximately 30 minutes between the creation of a new recoded variable and the analysis of the data on the SAMHDA online analysis system. The system (SDA) will use a new variable (created using RECODE or COMPUTE functions) in an analysis even before the variable is completely created. Thus, users are requested to pay close attention to analytic results that use a created variable to make sure that enough time has elapsed and the new variables have been completely created. When running either RECODE or COMPUTE, you may encounter one of the following: (1) the screen turns blank and the status indicator in your browser says "Done" or (2) the server "times out." If these problems occur, SDA will continue to process your request, although it may take 30 minutes or more to complete.