May 11, 2012

Do I need to pay ICPSR to make data from my NSF grant available?

We encourage prospective NSF grantees to budget money for ICPSR because this funding enables ICPSR to properly curate your data and make it available freely to everyone. Data require special handling to remain useable over time. ICPSR also adds value to data by cataloging the data, checking for undocumented codes, generating additional formats, and more. See ICPSR’s curation procedures for a list of the processing steps that data undergo.

It is also possible to submit data to ICPSR with no direct funding for archiving. In this case, ICSPR will curate the data using funds provided by membership dues. The data are then made freely available to faculty, staff, and students at ICPSR’s over 700 member institutions around the world (and are available for purchase by others at $500 per dataset).

For details, contact Amy Pienta, ICPSR Director of Acquisitions, at