Oct 9, 2012

Who can download data from this archive?

Most of our data collections are sponsored by the federal government and are therefore freely available to the public. All users who agree to the terms and conditions of use are allowed to download data from our Web site. We also ask that you properly cite the data files in your published or presented work.

NACJD is part of the Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR), which is a member-based organization. Some ICPSR data collections may not be freely available to the public. ICPSR data collections are freely available to ICPSR member institutions. Such data collections require authorization before downloading. If you are not authorized to download a data collection, you can contact ICPSR User Support for assistance.

How can I use NACJD data with statistical packages?

Many NACJD data collections that contain ASCII data files are accompanied by data definition statement files that allow users to read the text files into statistical software packages. NACJD currently provides data definition statements for SAS and SPSS statistical software packages, two of the more commonly used analytical software packages for the social sciences, for many of its data collections.

NACJD can provide help with using data definition statements to read ASCII data files. Users can call our toll-free help line at 1-800-999-0960 or email us at nacjd@icpsr.umich.edu for assistance. For on-line help, see the following help pages:

However, NACJD does not provide technical support for any software package. For information on how to analyze the data once you have read the file into a statistical package, the user should refer to the manual for that particular software. NACJD has compiled a list of suggested Web sites for additional help with software packages on the Statistical Resources page.